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<h1> <strong> Breaking News </strong> : The End of Dorito Hands? </h1>

<p> Internationally acclaimed pop-rock alternative band,  Set It Off, released some shocking information on their recent interview with <cite> Alternative Press </cite>.

One of their members, Maxx Danziger, answered a ‘Would you rather?’, given the choice of having permanent bad breath or permanent <cite> Dorito </cite> cheese dust on their hands.

They answered containing the following words, <q> <em> #EndDoritoHand </em> </q>. The quote sweeped the nation and created many boycotts to the band’s services. Tension between band members and staff is seen in their tour, and the future looks grim. Now struggling in a debate between their record <cite> Equal Vision Records </cite>, there are now rumours of the breakup of Set It Off.


<h2> <q> Words from the Members </q> </h2>


Cody Carson: I have no comment, I’m just disappointed in Maxx. <br>

Zach Dewall: I thought I taught him better. <br>

Austin Mkerr: I’m not even in the band anymore, why am I being intervi- <br>

Dan Clermont: No. <br>


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