Review Cards

Review Card 1

What is a Choanocyte?

A flaggelated cell in the ostia of a sponge

Review Card 2

What is the felxible protien that makes up the skeleton of most sponges?


Review Card 3

What is the gel like substance that holds the cells in a sponge together?


Review Card 4

What is the function of amoebocytes in a sponge?

To carry nutrients to cells and waste away from cells

Review Card 5

How do placozoans eat?

Through phagocytosis

Review Card 6

What is true about placozoans and sponges?

They are both asymmetrical

Review Card 7

What do fiber cells help do in placozoa?


Review Card 8

What is the purpose of gland cells in Trichoplax adhaerens?

They secrete digestive enzymes to digest food