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The "Memebers"

The Corporation Founder
The mastermind behind this amazing company is none other than Mr. Spooky C himself. A diligent worker and caring boss, he looks after both his employees and memes with a heart like no one else before in this organization.

The Heart
Jareld has a quality many adore and appreciate him for. The heart of the company and the embodiment of wholesome memes is a founding member, employed since 1990 BC.

The Confused
Mr. BearCat is a confusing entity to be sure. He never is at the work place, but is still a top performing worker here at the organization. He is loved just as much as the other Memebers, but is extremely perplexing.

The Extra
Mr. RabbitCat is hella extra. If you need a clown for your child's birthday party, call this employee to scare them away at the end of the event to ensure an efficient evacuation. He is the supplier of the unecessary, but wholesome, memes.

The Overachiever (but it's okay)
Mr. Supercat does finshes all his quotas before the deadlines and then some. Expecting a pay raise any time now, he continues to be the fastest meme supplier.